Parent –Teachers Conference for A-Levels and O- Levels ( F 1 to F6) classes, is held once  at school   for each academic  term and  hence twice a year.

The parent-teacher  Conference gives the parent/Gurdian  a forum  to discuss with teachers about the general performance of his/her child at school. It is a forum for the parent to learn about his/her child’s academic performance and achievement along with overall behaviour. After meeting class teachers, parents/gurdians are encouraged to discuss with the subjects teachers  in case parent/gurdian note some unique difficulties on the child academic or behaviour development.

A special academic report including midterm and common tests , is prepared by the respective class teachers of different classes for  all students in all classes. These reports give the overview of the  general progress of the students at school. In this way the teachers, parents and school administration can work hand in hand to find the best ways to assist  the student to  achieve high grades in the Final National Examinations

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