Following the independence of Tanganyika in 1961, the government radically changed its educational policies. One of the changes that adopted was that all educational facilities should be made available to all citizens. Consequently the Dar Es Salaam Secondary Education Society was formed on 21st January 1963 with the express purpose of establishing a secondary school and this resulted in the establishment of Shaaban Robert Secondary School on 14th May 1963.


The school is owned and run by the Dar es Salaam Secondary Education Society. The Society has a board of governors consisting of eminent persons from various walks of life. The Chairman of the Board of Governors is Mr. Subash Patel.


I am happy and gratified to have this opportunity to address our students, their parents, educationists and all who are committed to the cause and progress of education in our country. Priority-wise, the first task of students is to study the subjects well just as the prime responsibility of teachers is to make the subjects come alive. However a holistic education requires all stakeholders to allocate time and energy to develop talents and activities which stimulate their intellects and increase their interest and sense of enjoyment thereby ensuring that education here is conducted within a wholesome and happy environment. Our focus is on achieving excellence not only in academics but also in co-curricular activities and life skills. At the same time we cannot leave the social interpretation and application of education wholly to principals, parents, pamphlets or chance.

For this teaching and learning must develop both a science and a philosophy. The techniques call for scientific study of methods and ethical study of ends. Students are encouraged to be open-minded, critical and constructive. Opportunities are created for a training of mind, body, hand and eye, of purpose, integrity in work and loyalty to a cause that certainly includes, but goes beyond the means of material satisfaction.

I wish to commend with pride and gratification the diligence and dedication of the Headmaster, Deputy Headmistress, Academic supervisor, the HoDs, the teachers and staff who unflinchingly and indefatigably work to fulfil our mission. Last but not least, on behalf of the Family of Shaaban Robert Secondary school, I reiterate our deep appreciation for the encouragement, trust and affection of the parents of our students, and our association with innumerable well-wishers and friends for being a source of infinite strength to us and one of the main reason for the credibility and success of our ventures.

Shubash Patel

(The School Board Chairman)


I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Shaaban Robert Secondary School. We teachers and administrators are persistent and steadfast in providing a rich and rewarding learning experience for our students that fosters the development of curious, lifelong learners. We are blessed to have a dedicated staff that is committed to providing excellence in education through open dialogue and teamwork. Our goal is to build upon the character and family values that have already been established within each child at home so that all of our students may ultimately make proper and just lifetime decisions and enrich the lives of others in their communities. The school is growing rapidly and is constantly developing. Our school currently has 580 students who are taught by 60 teachers. All of our students and families form a vibrant, multicultural and caring school community. A teaming approach is decentralized at the school. In our green campus environment, we stress competence, civic, and global awareness and each student's role as a member of school, family, community, and the world.

We develop practicing creative and critical thinkers, confident and open-minded students, responsible and thoughtful decision-makers, articulate and reflective communicators, as well as contributors to our community.

S. D. Ramji

(The School Headmaster)

Philosophy and Mission Statement

Shaaban Robert Secondary School is a multi–cultural school committed to a non–racial and secular society. As a co–educational secondary school located in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania; the school brings together individuals from different cultural and religious backgrounds into an environment in which sensitivity is maintained towards varied backgrounds from which staff and students are drawn. The school’s aim is to anticipate and satisfy students' need in the fields of science & technology, languages, social studies and business education through well trained and motivated staff together with a committed management.

The school seeks to maintain high academic standards and personal growth but not underscoring physical development through individual and team spirit, cultural & social club activities, public speaking, drama, music and art and an emphasis on the moral and value education of students.


To be the Centre of excellence in imparting quality education. To develop knowledge, insight in self–discipline, motivation, initiative and skills necessary to live fruitful and responsible lives.


A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instill the love of learning.


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